Drive More Customers To Your Business With Saturation Direct Mail

Do you want more customers at your retail or service business?

Direct Mail provides the best ROI to drive new customers in the door. Direct mail is a cost effective way to place your message in the homes of new customers. 

Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram maybe good for aquiring e-commerce customers, but are not the best advertising for brick and morter traffic. The Bed Bath & Beyond coupon you received at home is an example of Saturation Direct Mail.

7 Benefits of Saturation Direct Mail:

  1. The lowest postage rate for commercial business mail.
  2. Longest life of any type of advertising you can do with the best ROI.
  3. Customer's address is ink jetted onto the mailer and processsed with the regular mail.
  4. Choose any location in the United States for Saturation Direct Mail.
  5. Best way to get your message into households.
  6. Mail to a radius list of households and businesses in the area you want to serve.
  7. There is no limit to the volume or geography you can mail to.

Compucolor All inclusive Saturation Direct Mail is less then the price of a First Class Stamp. 

Our price includes: Full Color 5.5x10 Printed Postcards, Geographic Research, Mailing List, Ink-Jetting, Sorting, Postage, and Mailing. We print on 13 pt silk coated card stock. This is world class quality offset printing and direct mail. 

  • 2500     All Inclusive - .48 each household
  • 5000     All Inclusive - .39 each household
  • 10,000  All Inclusive - .36 each household
  • 15,000  All Inclusive - .35 each household
  • 20,000  All Inclusive - .34 each household
  • 25,000  All Inclusive - .33 each household

Consider Saturation Direct Mail as the best advertising for most retail and service businesses looking for new customers such as Restaurants, Urgent Care Centers, Medical Practices, Law Offices, Automotive, Supermarkets, Dry Cleaners, or any retail or service business. 

If you want to acquire new customers you need Saturation Direct Mail. 

Start today we get it in the mail fast. 

We will help you with the entire process and make your project a success. 

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With all direct mail offers it's best to give an incentive coupon as part of your professional design for new customers to try your products and services.

Compucolor is capable of mailing 2,500 to 5,000,0000 Saturation Direct Mailers at a time.

Price is determined by postage rate, size of mailer, quantity. 

Customer must supply print ready art. Graphic Art design service is available at an additional cost. 

Compucolor is a full service business to business printing and direct mail company, ask us for all of your printing needs.